Frequently Asked Questions

Because asking questions is just the easiest way to understand things.

Plato focusses on the most important thing for your team: making sure everyone is in sync. While working at companies small and large, I noticed that knowledge was concentrated in a few people. Especially at smaller companies, the way that knowledge was shared seemed very awkward. Think: shared to-do lists that were only visible to some people.

I think that knowledge is not really shared through Slack. There's too much noise, and finding answers is hard. I think there needs to be a dedicated space to ask questions.

The sky is blue due to something called 'Rayleigh scattering'. Basically, light interacts with the air and scatters. However unlike normal scattering (like you would have with a light in a room), this scattering is proportional to the wavelength of the light. Hence higher frequency light (like blue light) is scattered more strongly, while the other colours tend to follow the path of normal sunlight!

I think Plato can help teams that are starting to grow past the point where "everyone has everything in their head". From what I've seen, this happens sooner than you might expect. So companies starting from 6-7 employees will be able to use Plato most effectively.