Create the best experience for new hires

Being new to the team can be overwhelming. Create a space where team members can ask questions and find answers.

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Documents, meet Q&A.

Not all knowledge belongs in documents. Frame your team's knowledge as Q&A and watch how easy it becomes to stay up to date.

Make documenting knowledge easier

Ask questions and give answers. Stop putting everything in large, hard to maintain document-driven Wikis.

Get Answers Faster

Questions are indexed and searchable which makes finding answers easier then ever.

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Separate facts from context.

Sometimes, people just need an answer. Don't let them spend countless hours looking for it.

Onboard new colleagues with confidence

Get new colleagues up to speed by sharing the most relevant questions and answers from the get-go.

Share knowledge easily

Ask and answer questions within Slack. Quickly reference a question or answer so you can enrich your conversations.

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"I built Plato to ensure that I wouldn't be the bottleneck at my company. With Plato, my colleagues can just look up what they need to know and get on with their work."

Toon Verbeek

Creator of Plato

Finding answers in messy, out-of-date documents is really hard.

By making knowledge bite-sized and tagging them, you can be sure that the relevant people are always in the loop.

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Start getting answers, stop maintaining documents.

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